Rates and Fees

There are no fees to be paid to this site if you decide to borrow money on our network. The main reason is because we are not a party to lend money and we do not provide direct services as a lender to the borrower. Our site members only provide convenience for you to borrow money that can be used to meet your immediate needs. Through this site you can contact a lender that can meet your needs.

Truth in Lending Act includes all information about the entire cost of the loan and the interest rate. Once you have approved the loan program, the system will direct you to the digital signature process. This page is the final stage of the approval of the loan program.

  • State Rate & Fee
  • Lenders participating interest rates
  • Late Payment Policy
  • Non-Payment Policy
  • Extension of Credit Policy
  • Our Lending Policy

State Rate & Fee

You have to know the laws regarding loans prevailing in the state in which you reside. Laws on loans vary depending on the laws of each state. You can find information about it here:

Lenders participating interest rates

Basically, the cost of borrowing and the interest rate is determined by the lender without breaking the rules that apply in the state in which you reside. Usually the cost of the loan and the interest rate adjusted to the data that you submit with the application form. You have no obligation to sign the agreement, if you do not agree to one or several chapters in the loan agreement.

You should know that in many cases lenders set interest rates higher than bank interest rates. This is a consequence of the ease and speed of transactions of Participating Lender. You cannot obtain a loan quickly if you apply for a loan at the bank. Participating lenders have obligation to make sure you receive the loan money in less than 24 hours from the signing of the agreement, and for it, you do not need to pay the additional cost to us.

Late Payment Policy

Each lender has its own policy regarding late payment. You can check out all the articles on the late payment in the loan agreement document before you are taken to the e-signature page. You do not have to worry about the possibility of fraud because all lenders in our network comply with the laws established by the state in which you reside.

Non-Payment Policy

In the event of bad credit, then you will be charged an additional fee that is set by law. All provisions regarding the treatment of overdue accounts are set and agreed upon by both parties, namely you and the lender, and any accompanying process is a process which is fair and does not violate the law.

Extension of Credit Policy

If you want to make the process of credit extension, it has been stipulated in the law where you are and adjusted by the lender. Some details on the extended loan repayment term are extension, rollover, and interest rates. You need to look at your state laws that regulate the amount of rollovers, given that some states do not permit rollovers. It is highly recommended for you to check out some of the details above before signing the loan agreement.

Our Lending Policy

Participating lenders in our network have to apply strict standards; you are welcome to go to the Lending Policy page.

Do not forget that this site is not a money lender site. We do not determine and decide the loan. This site is only a means for you to contact the lenders in our network. There is no guarantee for you to be approved as a borrower and also there are no guarantees associated with loans nominal. All matters concerning the loan have been arranged by the Participating Lender.

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