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Payday Loans From Indiana Campaign Finance

Payday loans (also referred to as a cash advance payment, paycheck advance, or payday advance) are short-term loan options provided by lenders to help those in need of fast cash before payday.

How Do PayDay Loans Work?

Payday loan services allow a borrower (someone in need of money) to write a post-dated check to a loan company who provides them with their needed funds. The signed check represents a legally binding contract to repay the borrowed amount. On the agreed-upon date, the borrower either submits payment in cash to the loan company or the loan company cashes the check that was previously submitted. Although some customers borrow the total amount of their paycheck when taking a payday loan, most loan companies will provide only a portion of the check to the customer as well. By only getting what is needed from the payday loan company, you have money available on payday to handle other responsibilities.

The Advantages of PayDay Loans

Payday loans are an excellent resource for "getting to payday". In essence, the fees charged are no different than those applied when using an ATM on a day when you can't get to your own bank, and it is often much less than the overdraft fees that are assessed when late bill payments are made. PayDay loans are great for: Paying bills that will access outrageous late fees if unpaid, getting cash for needed repairs that can't wait until payday to be made, cashing in on bonuses and/or overtime work earlier than payday.

The Most Common Uses of PayDay Loans

In short, a payday loan is a simple means of getting an instant cash loan with the promise to repay the loan within a short period. Typically, loans are paid back within 2 weeks, although longer terms can be allowed. The greatest advantage of payday loans include:emergency essentials such as groceries and gasoline that would normally be purchased regular payday anyway,vehicle and transportation repairs that enable you to travel to and from your work.


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